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Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum: The Teaching-Learning Cycle

Research agrees that the single most influential thing a school or district can to to impact student learning is to have a guaranteed and viable curriculum. “A guaranteed and viable curriculum gives students access to the same essential learning regardless of who is teaching the class and can be taught in the time allotted. (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker & Many, 2010)." The provision of a guaranteed and viable curriculum is one of our district goals. To get to a guaranteed and viable curriculum, we use the teaching-learning cycle and these steps:

Here are the slide decks and booklets that explain individual parts of the process of getting to a guaranteed and viable curriculum:
Introductory slide deck for Tenet 3 work and timeline
Slide deck for "why"
Slide deck for collaboration
Slide deck for guaranteed and viable curriculum
Slide deck for assessment overview
Slide deck for the first common formative assessment
Slide deck for March 17th work with CFAs and 3A protocol 
Slide deck for October 19, 2018 HS work
Slide deck for March 18, 2019 JH and HS work
September 2017 booklet (archived)
September 2019 booklet (current)