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Randall Middle School

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Juliann Quinn
Randall Middle School

31 Randall St.
Cortland, NY 13045

Phone: (607)-758-4170
Fax: (607)-758-4179
Nurse: (607)-758-4174

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Welcome to Randall Middle School. We are excited to have you be a part of our school community! At Randall Middle we are dedicated to ensuring all students achieve high levels of learning. We will involve all stakeholders to engage students in mastering essential grade level content. Utilizing the teaching and learning cycle and common formative assessments will allow instructional staff cater to individual learning needs. Through meaningful relationships and restorative practices we are dedicated to building a safe and nurturing culture that ensures students social and emotional learning needs are met. We look forward to building a new school community with you. 

Mission of Randall Middle School

At Randall Middle School we ensure all students achieve high levels of learning. 


Vision for Randall Middle School

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

At Randall Middle School all staff will collaboratively plan and set data driven learning goals to ensure high levels of learning to prepare students for a 21st century global society.

Student Engagement

Randall Middle School will be a place where instruction is engaging everyone is empowered to take risks in, and ownership of, their learning.  

Social and Emotional Learning

At Randall Middle School, all staff will build positive relationships with students, staff, and families to create a safe and nurturing environment.

All students will have access to a tier one social-emotional curriculum provided by all staff and if identified, will be provided with tier two and three interventions.  All adults will model appropriate social skills, relationships, and behavior and use restorative practices. 

Family and Community Involvement 

At Randall Middle School we value community and family engagement to build and nurture partnerships. We will work together to provide multiple opportunities for input, communication, and collaboration to support our students emotionally, socially and academically.




Mr. Robert J. Edwards, Superintendent

1 Valley View Drive
Cortland, NY 13045

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