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Randall Middle School Counselor



   Maheen Siddiqui
   Randall School Counselor
   (607)-758-4170 ext 7135





All K-6 students will have access to a counseling curriculum, covering career, academic and social-emotional topics. Starting in Kindergarten, the school counselor will help students develop and follow their post-secondary goals. A transition plan will be completed with the school counselor and each sixth grade student. The school counselor also provides social-emotional support, with individual, crisis and group counseling.


  • All students will have postsecondary goals and a plan for realizing their goals. The development of the plans will begin in 6th grade and be continued in each subsequent year.
  • All students will have the social, emotional, and academic support needed to succeed in school and to be ready to realize their postsecondary goals.
  • All students will have access to and support for rigorous, relevant, and challenging curricular, cocurricular, and extracurricular opportunities. 

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