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Instructional Coaches Staff

Karen Matteson

Karen initially joined Cortland Schools in 1990 as a math teacher at the Junior High School.  Her Cortland experience also includes many years teaching 4th, 5th, & 6th grades, as well as that of a Math Specialist for grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Karen is passionate about the implementation of a growing body of research on teaching and learning mathematics.  Another passion of hers is helping teams use evidence of student learning to inform and improve their individual and collective professional practice.  Helping adults engage in job-embedded learning as part of their routine work practices is what Karen loves to spend time doing.  She is currently also a lecturer at SUNY Cortland for the elementary math methods courses.  



Stephanie Oyer

Steph started her journey at Cortland Schools in 2008, beginning as a substitute then as a 6th grade classroom teacher for the last 10 years.  The majority of Steph’s experience in teaching 6th grade was in a co-taught classroom. Steph is passionate about building solid relationships with both students and adults, believes it is essential to have high expectations and consistency for all, and is a strong advocate in making decisions that positively impact student academic and social and emotional learning. Throughout her experience as a 6th grade teacher, Steph has taught ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and in that time, constantly researched active learning strategies and best practices to engage middle school students. While she has taught all subjects in 6th grade, she is especially passionate about ELA at the middle school level.  Steph loves being part of a team and believes that collaboration is necessary for teacher growth and student learning. 

Sylvia Amoreena Tellaeche

Sylvia Amoreena Tellaeche began her teaching career 1995 in San Diego and has taught in Cortland since
moving to the area in 2006. She is a NYS Master Teacher and recently recertified her National Board Certification. Her experience includes teaching intermediate inclusive Math and Language Arts, Spanish Dual Immersion, and serving as a Consultant Teacher with the Seven Valleys Writing Project. She supports future teachers by welcoming SUNY pre-practicum teachers, mentoring CURE Educators, and participating in SUNY sponsored panels on topics around race, education, and equity. She values innovation, research based practices, and collaborative relationships with colleagues. She was recognized as the 2018 CECSD Teacher of Excellence and the 2022 Empire State Excellence in Teaching Program Award. 


Mary Kate Ticknor

Mary Kate began her teaching career in 2004 as Special Educator at the Racker Center.  She joined the Cortland team in 2008, where she co-taught primarily in grades K-2.  Mary Kate is passionate about early intervention and the science of reading.  As a special educator, she is passionate about differentiation, co-teaching practices, and equity for all learners.  Having empathy, kindness, and compassion for all learners is at the heart of Mary Kate’s teaching philosophy.