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Nurse Information

Mrs. Joanne Prezioso


Clothes :

  • Please return any borrowed clothes to the Nurse. The clothes closet is getting very empty. If your child has a bathroom accident, spills a drink or food, or gets muddy at recess – they will have to provide their own change of clothes from their backpack, cubby, or locker.

Head Lice :

  • Please check your child’s hair/head daily for signs of lice or nits. Treat & comb out the lice and nits with a special nit comb before sending your child back to school. Re-treat in 7-10 days and continue to comb out lice and nits for 21 days or until gone.

Effective 7/1/18

  • Physical exams will be mandated by NYS for grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 &11 and any students new to the district. Letters have been sent home for those students that don’t have a physical on file in the school health office. Make an appointment for your child’s physical health exam and have your physician fax a copy to the Nurse (FAX # 758-4189). School physicals will be May 25th, June 1st, and June 8th for those students who requested one or for those students who haven’t submitted a copy from their physician to the Nurse yet. Any questions, please contact the Nurse at 758-4184.