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General Music






Modern Band

General Music


Jen Rafferty
Junior High School

Heidi Shelly
Smith Intermediate School

Steven Bellamy
Junior High School

Amber Thayer
Randall Middle School

Becki Harris
Barry Elementary



General music is a required course for all students K-7 in the Cortland School District. In general music class students learn a variety of musical skills and concepts that are crucial to furthering their musical education on instruments, singing, or as lifelong supporters of music and art. The skills they learn also help them be positive, confident mebers of our school community. Students experience music through signing, playing a variety of instruments, movement and critical listening. They also perform in yearly concerts in K-4 to highlight their talents. 

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Jen Rafferty 

7th grade General Music

A smorgesboard of musical opportunities for students to expand their musical horizons. Units include Ghanaian drumming, making musical instruments, and Modern Band. After students take general music, they often choose to go into performing ensembles in 8th grade.

Sharon Phetteplace

7th Grade General Music

African Drumming, Project Based learning - building percussion instruments, Electronic Music, Guitar and intro. to modern band.

Heidi Shelly

Smith Intermediate General Music

Steven Bellamy

Junior High School General Music

Amber Thayer 

Randall Middle School General Music
Mrs. Thayer enjoys having fun in general music and chorus.


Becki Harris

Barry Primary Shcool General Music



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