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Modern Band

General Music


Benjamin Wells
High School

Heidi Shelley
Smith Intermediate School

Steven Bellamy
Junior High School

Amber Thayer
Randall middle School



Vocal training is essential part of our district music curriculum that begins in kindergarten general music, and expands into a variety of choral singing opportunities beginning in 5th grade. Students who participate in vocal music activities learn the essentials of vocalization including, breath control, posture, navigating vocal registers, vowel formation, harmonizing and tone production. They exercise these skills through group choral singing, individual lessons and solo opportunities. In these environments they get to experience signing a variety of genres, including everything from madrigals to modern accapella. 

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Benjamin M. Wells

High School Choir Director

Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Music Theory, Music History, Intro to Theatre): A 1999 graduate of Cortland Sr. High, Mr. Wells is an active community member who directs the Cortland Youth Bureau Summer Drama  Program and is on the board of the Cortland Historical Society. He has taught in the Cortland School District since 2006. 

Steven Bellamy

Junior High School Vocal Lessons

Chorus is a rewarding singing experience where students are engaged in a group singing experience that fosters healthy vocal technique in an enjoyable learning environment.

Amber Thayer

Randall Middle School Chorus

Our goal as the Cortland Music Department is to provide all students with a high quality music education that promotes life-long learnersperformers, and supporters of the fine arts". At Randall Middle School we do that in a variety of fun ways including playing instrumnets, singing and listening to a variety of music. 

5th Grade Chorus

6th Grade Chorus

Randall Select Chorus

Heidi Shelley

Smith Intermediate School Chorus

Our goal as the Cortland Music Department is to provide all students with a high quality music education that promotes life-long learners, performers, and supporters of the fine arts".

At Smith Intermediate School, students are able to have their first experiences of being part of a chorus by participating in grade level chorus rehearsals and working together towards concert performances. Music Maniacs is an extra group which takes place after school and combines singing and classroom instruments. The group is designed for students who want additional musical experiences and challenges. 

Vocal Ensembles at Smith Intermediate:

3rd Grade Treblemaker Chorus

4th Grade Showstopper Chorus

Smith School Music Maniacs