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Cortland Junior High School

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Junior High Principal
John Zarcone

Phone: 607-758-4190
Fax:      607-758-4149

School Address:
8 Valley View Dr.
Cortland, NY 13045


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The purpose of Cortland Junior High School is to foster a community of positivity, self reliance, and love of learning for all. 


There are two components that are essential to success in the Junior High School: Communication and Teamwork. I encourage everyone to communicate. Students need to communicate with each other, teachers, staff, parents and administration. Parents need to communicate with each other, teachers, staff, students and administration. Teachers and administration must communicate with these same groups as well. It is difficult to reach any goal if the involved parties do not share information. It is difficult for teachers and administration to address student and parent concerns if we don't know they exist. Students must share concerns with teachers and parents so we can help ensure student success. If everyone is on the "same page," it is much easier to accomplish our goals and address our needs. Please be reminded that if you need to contact anyone from Cortland Junior-Senior High School, pick up the phone and place a call. Administration is available, guidance counselors are available, and teachers are available to answer questions and address concerns you may have.

If everyone communicates, we will establish the second necessary component for success: Teamwork. Communication is the essential tool to establish teamwork. All involved parties have to work together in order for the Junior High School to be a cohesive team. Students and teachers are already part of academic teams, but parents, guardians and administration have to become part of these teams for the Junior High School to function as a team. Like many of the sports teams in today's society, we don't have to have the "star" performers, we just have to work together to be the best we can be.

Once again, we are in this together. All of us need to work together in the best interest of our children. Communication and teamwork are essential, and if there is anything anyone at Cortland Junior-Senior High School can do to help your children or you, please give us a call.