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Social Work at Cortland Junior High School



Devon Tennant, LMSW
Junior High School (7 & 8 )
(607) 758-4100 ext.1404




School Social Workers are instructional employees with the pupil and personnel services (PPS) department and are housed in each building. Duties include supporting instruction through counseling services to students, facilitation of instructional support teams, conduct social histories for committee on Special Education referrals, and serve as liaisons for parents, the school and the community. They also provide prevention and intervention activities within classrooms and are critical members of individual building and district crisis management teams.

Role of the Social Worker

  • Peer conflict resolution
  • Socio-emotional support
  • Counseling and crisis intervention
  • Liaison between families, school and community resources
  • Offer information and referrals for community based resources and services

Community Resources and Services 

Emergency Resources Mental Health & Substance Use Juvenile Services
Parent Partner Resources Health & Wellness Resources Assistance Programs