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K-6 School Counseling




   Carly Hewitt
   Randall Middle (K-6) 





The counseling curriculum committee has developed a curriculum that will be implemented throughout the school year by both teaching staff and the new School Counselor. The counselor will facilitate and support staff in implementing components of the counseling curriculum, specifically around the career domain. The counselor will be housed at Randall Middle School and plans to spend 3 days a week there, one day at Smith Intermediate, and one day at Barry Primary. In addition, the counselor will support behavioral and emotional needs as crises arise, and participate in team meetings regarding high needs students. She will complete a sixth grade transition plan with each sixth grade student. In addition, the counselor will participate in 504 and CSE meetings, as appropriate. She also is a member of the PBIS team at Randall Middle and will attend teacher team meetings regularly to collaborate regarding academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. She will attend scheduled parent meetings as appropriate.


Role of the K-6 School Counselor              

  • Implement and oversee counseling lessons       
  • Socio-emotional support           
  • Counseling and crisis intervention  
  • Liaison between families, school and community resources    
  • Collaboration between school staff and parents 

Curriculum Resources 

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Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade  Curriculum Map ASCA National School
Counseling Standards