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Flex Spending

Flex Spending Welcome Letter 2024

Attention current participants - DID YOU KNOW...the eligible expenses list has been expanded to include many over the counter items that had previously been excluded?

And, yes, there's an app for that!  Download the ProFlex app to scan items while you're shopping! 

Flex spending deductions for the 2024 calendar year will begin with the January 12 pay (a total of 20 pays for the calendar year).  The full amount of your medical election will be available to use as of January 1.  Existing participants will continue to use their current benefit card, while NEW participants will receive a benefit card in the mail.

Effective 4/2/2020 - The CARES Act legislation included a provision regarding additional items that are now considered eligible for purchase/reimbursement under flexible spending.  Visit the Pro-Flex website news tab for complete details.

Pro-Flex Flexible Spending Account

Flex Spending Participants - Need to check your flex spending balance?  Yes, there's an app for that!  Pro-Flex Mobile App Instructions

***New employees who are eligible have 30 days from his/her date of hire to enroll for new health insurance and/or flex spending benefits.  Current employees may choose to participate during open enrollment (November each year) or if qualifying life events occur.***