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Greek Gods and Goddesses
6th Grade Webquest

Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion

You have entered the world of the Greeks.  This is a strange world to you because of the tunics, ivy leaves, chariots, and the Gods and Goddesses.  You'll need to learn more about them in order to understand this culture a little better. 

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Pick a god/goddess that you would like to research.  Only use the sites provided on this webquest.  After taking notes, you will be asked to present the information using Google Slides.

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Day 1 (in library): Browse through the information of the gods/goddesses, narrowing down which one you would like to research.

Day 1 (homework): You should have a decision made about the god/goddess that you will be researching.  Begin your research using the notetaking paper.  Finish up your research for the next class.  

Day 2 (classwork): Use of Noodletools, using the notecard feature of the program. 

Day 2 (homework): Finish your outline using the notecards on Noodletools.

Day 3 (in class): You should have your research finished and ready for Google Slides.  
I will show you how to find a picture and easily insert it onto your slide.  Remember, they dress differently than we do today.  If you are having a hard time staying focused, I can find one for you.

Day 3 (homework): Begin putting your information into your presentation.  Have information and picture on your slide for the next class.

Day 4: Final day for revisitions.  Everything should be done during class.  Check your rubric and make sure that you have everything completed.  Turn in your notetaking paper, you will get this back for your presentation.

Day 5: Presentation Day!  I will be grading this afternoon.  

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You will be graded by a rubric.  
Rubric (Google docs)

Visual Aid (poster, PowerPoint, PhotoStory)
Write up (on the visual aid)
Oral Presentation
Group work (cooperation)


Congratulations!  You have learned more about a Greek God/Goddess and are ready to understand this new, strange world.  Keep looking for more, if you are thirsty for knowledge.
Created by Miss Hayden. 1.18.12



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