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Spreading Positivity Through Art

Spreading Positivity Through Art: A Memorable Bracelet-Making Event with Aspen Pool

Last Thursday, our junior high building was filled with creativity, inspiration, and a sense of community, thanks to a special visit from Cortland Alumni Aspen Pool. Made possible through the generous support of the CPEF grant, this unique event gave our 7th grade class the opportunity to engage in a hands-on bracelet-making workshop that left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Aspen Pool, an accomplished jewelry maker who is vision impaired, has a remarkable talent for creating beautiful bracelets. She dedicates much of her time to making these pieces to donate to hospitals and schools, spreading positivity and joy through her art. Her visit to our school was not only a demonstration of her craft but also a powerful lesson in resilience and the positive influence of creativity.

During the workshop, students were given the chance to make their own beads, which they later used to create personalized bracelets. Aspen guided the students through her method of bracelet-making, showcasing her skills and unique techniques. The students were captivated by her ability to work with such precision and care.

The event was more than just a craft session; it was an inspirational experience that highlighted the power of art to bring people together and spread positivity. Aspen’s story and her dedication to giving back to the community resonated deeply with the students. They not only learned about the technical aspects of making bracelets but also the broader impact that their creations can have.

The bracelet-making event with Aspen Pool was a memorable and enriching experience for our 7th graders. It fostered a sense of creativity, compassion, and community spirit that will surely stay with them for years to come. We are incredibly grateful to Aspen for sharing her time and talents with us, and to the CPEF grant for making this event possible.

We look forward to more opportunities to bring such inspiring experiences to our students, continuing to encourage them to explore their creativity and the positive effects it can have on the world around them.