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Barry School Safety Patrol

March 1, 2024

On Friday, March 1st Barry Primary School held a special ceremony to swear in new student Safety Patrol Members. Launched in 1920, the School Safety Patrol program empowers students to actively participate in ensuring a safe walk to and from school. Over the past century, more than 50,000 schools and 500,000 students worldwide have joined the program. Barry Primary School students proudly received certificates of recognition from Officer Rob Reyngoudt and local law enforcement officials. Parents attended the ceremony, beaming with pride for their children's commitment to safety. Through the program, student patrollers assist other Barry students in making sure they are following safety initiatives. Their presence not only provides a watchful eye for student safety but also fosters a sense of responsibility and community involvement. Officer Reyngoudt, a strong advocate for the program, stated, "The School Safety Patrol is an invaluable tool in promoting safe school environments. It teaches students the importance of following safety rules and empowers them to take ownership of their safety." With the continued support of parents, teachers, and law enforcement, the School Safety Patrol program will continue to play a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of students for generations to come.