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COVID Response

Beginning next week, we will be using a targeted response to keep our high school students in a distance learning situation for Monday, October 26 and Tuesday the 27. High school students will be back to in person learning on Wednesday, October 28. All other schools next week will be back to regular, in person learning on Monday, October 26.

In early October while working with the Cortland County Health Department, it was concluded that there were several cases of COVID-19 in the Cortland Schools. After contact tracing was completed, we concluded that what we considered a significant amount of staff and students would need to be quarantined; it was at that point that the decision was made to go to two weeks of distance learning for the district while more contact tracing was initiated. Now that this two weeks is coming to a conclusion it allows leadership to make changes and reflections to respond better should this happen again.

In discussion regarding how to make our response better, it was decided that targeted interventions of distance learning should conditions arise would be a better plan for the future. For instance, if there are cases in one particular school that school and not the whole district could go into a distance learning situation. This situation is apparent right now.

On an additional note, because we just completed two weeks of distance learning, the October 30th practice day will not be required. October 30th will be a normal, in person learning day.

As we move forward in the school year we still need to remain vigilant.

  • Continue to complete your daily health checks prior to sending your children to school. Do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting any symptoms.

  • Limit gatherings and visits in the community that are unnecessary.

In schools…

  • We will continue to require masks;

  • Our entry protocols will continue, including a temperature screening at every entrance;

  • We will continue to limit visitors to our buildings;

  • We will continue with our socially-distanced classroom structures; and

  • We will continue to encourage hand-washing and other safety protocols.

Everyone is tired of life with the virus, we will get through this and before you know it our lives will be back to some semblance of normality.



Mr. Robert J. Edwards, Superintendent

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Cortland, NY 13045

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