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Tiger Techs

Thanks to the changing state of education and the COVID-19 virus, technology has become more important than ever. We’ve been teaching each student in the district, from kindergarteners to high school seniors, to treat technology like an important tool in their lives. As students use technology more and more, the chances of that technology needing repairs becomes more and more certain and more important. Each and every student in the Cortland Enlarged City School District has been provided technology to use in class and at home. 

When your home computer has problems, there are a variety of places you can go to get repairs. At the CJSHS, when students are having trouble they can go to Cortland’s version of the “Genius Bar” and get help from a Tiger Tech. The Tiger Technician team is a group of six students who are technology savvy and enjoy helping others with their technology problems. The Tiger Techs are earning high school credit through an internship and they are earning money by repairing computers after the school day has ended.

Not only do Tiger Techs help students, they are also available to help teachers and staff as well. To get a piece of technology fixed, students and staff can find the Tiger Techs at the counter in the back of the LMC.

Zach Brafman says, “Being a Tiger Tech is important to me because it is a good opportunity to shadow the technology field and I enjoy helping people around the district.” Zach goes on to explain that he helps many teachers and students each day through work orders. Zach can deal with as many as 30 work orders a day and, in addition to that, many students come in person looking for help. Problems can range from connection issues to hardware problems that necessitate a replacement computer. Zach added, “The hardest part of being a Tiger Tech is allocating time for his classes and Tiger Tech work.”

Information Systems Administrator, Denise Fox states, “The Tiger Techs not only work on computers but also Smart Boards and projectors in classrooms. This is the best group of students! They are dedicated to the program and understand its importance. They work very hard and we could not have accomplished all that we did this past summer preparing for the start of school without them!”

Tiger Tech students will graduate from Cortland High School with valued work experience, computer repair certified and ready for future employment or further education.



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