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Property Tax Contact Info & FAQ

CECSD Tax Collector: Brayden Bushnell, 607.758.4080
  •  There appears to be an error on my school property tax bill.  Who should I contact?

    • If there appears to be an error of any kind on your bill, please notify your ASSESSOR immediately.  Please note, the presence of errors and/or omissions will not prevent the charging of interest penalties after the initial due date.

  • I need to change the address on my school property tax bill.  Who should I contact?

    • Please let your ASSESSOR know of any address or name changes that need to be made to your property information.  Property tax bills are generated from files maintained by the respective town assessors.  The School District Tax Collector cannot change the information in these files.  Only the assessors can do this.

  • In the past, my school property taxes were paid through an escrow company.  I no longer have an escrow account or have paid my mortgage off and want to make sure my tax bill is mailed to me.  Who should I contact?

    • Contact the ASSESSOR'S OFFICE directly to remove any bank codes that may be attached to your property due to your previous escrow account.  You can request a copy of your school property tax bill at any time by calling Brayden Bushnell, School Tax Collector, at (607) 758-4080.

  • City of Cortland and Town of Virgil Assessor:  Brian Fitts @ (607) 749-3153; 31 N. Main St., Homer, NY 13077

  • Town of Cortlandville:  David Briggs @ (607) 756-7306; 3577 Terrace Rd., Cortland, NY 13045

  • Town of Harford:  Larry Fitts @ (607) 749-3473; 31 N. Main St., Homer, NY 13077

  • Town of Lapeer:  Frances Butler @ (607) 849-6966; 40 W. Main St., Marathon, NY 13803

  • Town of Dryden:  Steve Lehr @ (607) 274-5517; 128 E. Buffalo St., Building C, Ithaca, NY 14850

  • Cortland County Treasurer’s Office:  Kellie Greene @ (607) 753-5070; 60 Central Ave., Rm 132, Cortland, NY 13045

  • City of Cortland Finance Office:  (607) 756-7312; 25 Court St., Cortland, NY 13045

  • Tompkins County Treasury Manager:  Lisa Schott @ (607) 274-5542; 125 East Court St., 2nd Floor, Old Jail, Ithaca, NY 14850



Mr. Robert J. Edwards, Superintendent

1 Valley View Drive
Cortland, NY 13045

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