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Retired Cortland CECSD Employee Makes Masks for Essential Employees

Laura Simon retired five years ago from the Cortland Enlarged City School District after twenty eight years of service as the District
TreMasks for essential employeesasurer. Although she has been officially retired, Laura has continued to help the district with special projects and training new business office employees. During her time with the District, Laura has helped out in many different ways -- when there has been a crisis or a need with which she thought she could assist. 

When COVID-19 forced us to shift to distance learning, Laura saw another opportunity to help. She observed that there were essential workers who still came to work assisting with food distribution, including food service employees, bus drivers, and some teacher aides. Laura realized that she could use her sewing and quilting skills to make masks for the remaining employees that were essential and could not stay home.

Laura said, “I have sewed my whole life and had lots of material on hand for the masks. Usually when you quilt, you buy more than enough fabric so I was able to use the leftover fabric to make the masks. In addition to the school district, I was also able to distribute the masks to local restaurants and other businesses that needed them. Once I watched a youtube video on how to make the mask, I set up a system and now it only takes me 15 minutes to make one mask. I have probably made 170 masks so far.”

The Cortland Enlarged City School District would like to recognize Laura for stepping up to help out essential employees during this time of need. We are grateful for her assistance in the making of the masks and wish to show our appreciation!  



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