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Education Law 2d

The Cortland Enlarged City School District  is committed to having an instructional environment that is engaging and reflects the best practices in instructional design and delivery, including instructional technology. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our students and staff.

We will provide students with the instructional technology tools and resources that will set them up for success in college and careers.

  • Computers Chromebooks, and tablets will be readily available to all students to use in their learning.
  • Current versions of apps and programs will be used to maximize learning and productivity. We will work with only technology vendors that are compliant with the law and regulations. This list of vendors will be published on our website.
  • Safe access to the Internet will be provided in to connect students to information and resources from around the world.

We will protect personally identifiable digital information of our students.

  • Technology will be used to promote academic achievement, empower parents and students with information, and advancing efficient and effective school operations.
  • Every use of personally identifiable information by the District will be protected.
  • No personally identifiable information will be sold or shared for commercial purposes.

We will be compliant with current laws and regulations about the use of technology and personally identifiable information.

  • All employees will receive annual privacy and security awareness training.
  • Data security and privacy policies and procedures will be posted.
  • A Data Protection Officer will oversee implementation of the law and accompanying regulations.
  • Procedures to file complaints about breaches or unauthorized releases of student data and or protected teacher or principal data will be communicated to parents, students, and staff.

Implications On Our Practices

Education Law 2D, and the accompanying regulations, known as Part 121, will have some specific implications on our practices and procedures in the district:

  • There will be new restrictions on the software and apps we purchase. In order to ensure that we are in compliance with the law and the regulations, we will purchase these through the Regional Information Center (CNY/OCM or Erie 1 BOCES) whenever possible.
  • Teachers should no longer sign up for any product that collects student information such names, email addresses, or IDs. This includes products that use the Google sign on pathway (third party companies connect this way). A district process to request approval will be developed.
  • Recommendations and requests for softwares and apps (including free, online sites) will be made by grade-levels and/or departments rather than by individual teachers. A district process will be developed for this. It will allow for consistent experience for our students as well as streamline purchasing and support procedures and allow us to ensure compliance with the regulations.
  • We will be transitioning away from Clever and toward Classlink. Both of these aid with single sign-on, but Clever is not compliant with these new regulations. Additionally, our testing and recommendations from other districts indicate that Classlink will work better.
  • An additional on-line training will be required of all faculty and staff beginning with next year. Access will be in the same place as the other required training we are used to doing.
  • A Data Protection Officer was appointed by the Board of Education who will monitor our compliance with the regulations.