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Randall Faculty and Staff


31 Randall St
Cortland, NY 13045

Juli Quinn

Phone: (607) 758-4170
Fax: (607) 758-4179


Welcome to Randall Middle School. We are excited to have you be a part of our school community! At Randall Middle we are dedicated to ensuring all students achieve high levels of learning. We will involve all stakeholders to engage students in mastering essential grade level content. Utilizing the teaching and learning cycle and common formative assessments will allow instructional staff to cater to individual learning needs. Through meaningful relationships and restorative practices we are dedicated to building a safe and nurturing culture that ensures students social and emotional learning needs are met. We look forward to building a new school community with you. 


Randall Middle Faculty and Staff

Use the Staff Directory on the Main Page to find staff email link
Main Office Staff
Executive Secretary

Wendy Compagni

Senior Stenographer
Donna Kinney

CSE Chairperson
Angelia Eggleston
Katerina Fabian
Julie Neuman 


Fifth GradeTeachers
Tina Ricottilli
Meghan Hendriks
Diane Hausman
Rebecca Carter 
Shannon Alm

Amy Worlock

Sixth Grade Teachers
Molly Harrington
Carly Mendelson
Deanna Newman
Christy Newton
Kalee Updyke
Sean Winship
Samantha Wyant
Special Education 
Kristen Ailport
Lisa Catalina
Dionne DePuy

Cindy Knodel
Jessica Mitchell
Sarah Redington

Reading Specialists
Christina Caravella
Gina Vachon

Math Specialists
Shana Snyder
Jim Wallis 
Speech Therapists
Anna Griffin
Physical Therapist
Elisabeth Greene
Occupational Therapist
Abby Hess

Library Staff
Library Media Specialist

Nicole Evans 

Library Aide
Tanya Zimmer
Physical Education 
Austin Harriger
Luke Schweider
Amber Thayer
Corinne Bennett
Allison Capano
Danielle Beltz
Shirley van de Veur

Social Worker
Heidi Effinger
Teacher Aides
Natasha Price
Bud Diescher
Tina Batsford
Bradlee Sherman
Macayla Kemp
K-6 Counselor
Christina Hegedus

Teaching Assistants 
Nancy Moore
Bradley Nottingham
Michelle Reynolds
Amy Rice
Patty Westfall 

Cafeteria Staff
Rhoda Crosby
Maureen Norris
Penny Stauber

Custodial Staff
Rick Adams
Kaylee Cortright




Mr. Robert J. Edwards, Superintendent

1 Valley View Drive
Cortland, NY 13045

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