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Health Insurance and Benefits


***Please read the weekly email for important messages!***

Upcoming NYS Teachers' Retirement System PREP seminars!  Members at all career levels can benefit from this workshop.
TRS PREP Seminar Schedule - Fall 2019
PREP Brochure

Effective September 1, 2019, CSEA health insurance participants are moving to a new 3-tier Prescription Drug Plan.  Please review the 3-tier informational memo and Important Information About Your Prescription Drug Coverage for additional information.

DID YOU KNOW...The District is a participating employer with NYS Deferred Comp, and employees may enroll at any time.  This is a 457(b), a voluntary retirement savings plan offered by the State of New York to help public employees reach their retirement savings goals.  Funded via pre-tax payroll deductions with at least $10 per pay, new employees may begin participating as of his/her hire date, and there are no minimum or maximum age requirements for eligibility. 

NYS Deferred Comp website
Enrollment Form
Enrollment Kit
Investment Options Guide

Excellus Health Insurance
(Plan Year September 1 to August 31)

Telemedicine - this benefit allows Excellus Health Insurance participants to communicate with a doctor in real time for non-urgent health care needs using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
You’ll need to set up an online account to register, and you can do so now at
See the FAQs below for additional information.
Telemedicine FAQs

Excellus 2019 Wellness Calendar

Ameritas Dental Insurance (CUT Employees)
Open enrollment dates: June 1 - August 1
Coverage period: September 1 - August 31
Payroll Deductions: September - June (21 pays)

CSEA Dental/Vision Reimbursement (CSEA Employees)

CSEA Dental/Vision Memo

Pro-Flex Flexible Spending Account

Flex Spending Participants - Need to check your flex spending balance?  Yes, there's an app for that!
Pro-Flex Mobile App Instructions

***New employees who are eligible have 30 days from his/her date of hire to enroll for new health insurance and/or flex spending benefits.  Current employees may choose to participate during open enrollment or if qualifying life events occur.***



Don't be afraid to ask!  Payroll can assist with all your questions!

Employee Assistance Program

Free, voluntary and confidential consultation and assistance to help you and/or your family members resolve difficulties that may be affecting your personal lives or job performance.

New York Teachers Retirement System (TRS) 

New York State Employees' Retirement System (ERS)

ERS Members - the annual statements were distributed to your building in May.  For more information, you can review the Member Annual Statement FAQs on the NYSLRS website.

Retirement Online provides a convenient new way for members to conduct business online with the Retirement System.
Retirement Online Fact Sheet NYS Retirement Consultation Schedule - January - June 2019

***SAVE SAVE SAVE!  Retirement may be a long way off for some, but it's important to include retirement planning in your financial goals.  Start saving as early in your career as possible - and just a small amount each week adds up!  Your future self will thank you!***

Weekly Investment Chart


2019 Maximum Allowable Contributions Limits (MAC) - 403(b) and 457
The IRS has announced the 2019 Maximum Allowable Contribution (MAC) limits for 403(b) and 457 plans. Elective contribution limits have increased from their 2018 levels. The elective deferral limit for 403(b)/457 plans will now stand at $19,000. Employees can defer $19,000 to each type of plan in 2019 plus any of the following applicable catch-up contributions:  Employees age 50 and over will be entitled to contribute an additional $6,000 to their 403(b) or 457 plan(s) thereby increasing the elective deferral limit to $25,000. Individuals with at least 15 years of service with their current employer may be entitled to contribute up to an additional $3,000 above their age-based limit, potentially increasing the limit to $28,000 for a participant utilizing both the age based and the full amount of the service based catch-up provisions. 

OMNI Website
OMNI Salary Reduction Agreement
OMNI Newsletter - Q1 2019
OMNI Newsletter - Q2 2019
OMNI Newsletter - Q3 2019

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