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Click here for the first day google form.

Why the Flipped Classroom?
Video #1
Video #2

1.1 Variables & Expressions
Notes Video #1
Notes Video #2

1.2 Order of Operations
Notes Video #1
Notes Video #2

1.3 Evaluating Expressions
Notes Video

1.4 Real Numbers
Notes Video

Google Form- Preferences 

1.5 Real Number System
Notes Video

Notes Video

Want some more practice on the two properties from 1.6?  Watch these videos:       Commutative Property             Associative Property

Notes Video


Notes Video

Notes Video

Multiplying a Binomial with a Binomial

Notes Video

Unit 1 Assessment Video

Notes Video

Notes Video

Notes Video

Notes Video

Play Jeopardy!  For Extension Extra Credit, turn in your work for the questions.  The more you do, the more extra credit you earn!

Notes Video

Need some practice?  Try this........ Word Problems with Equations

Notes Video

Notes Video

Notes Video
Equations with variables on both sides -

Khan Academy Videos:

Go to the * section, it has the problems to solve.  There are many different categories on this link to practice from:  
Solving Equations with One Unknown

Notes Video. - only do questions 1 and 4 on your notes. 

Notes Video


Notes Video

Mrs. Albright - Class Video #1 for Wednesday, October 25 - to be completed with substitute teacher on the smartboard

Mrs. Albright - Solutions to Class Video #2 - check your answers here after some work time

Mrs. Kozlowski - Class Video for notes students should watch this on the iPad.

Need some more practice on how to solve equations with fractions?  Check out these videos from the internet.
Video #1
Video #2

Here are some ways to practice:


Use this for 2018-2019

OLD Notes Video

Classification of Solutions
Here is a video resource if you'd like to watch about linear equations with no solution or infinite solutions.

Notes Video


Notes Video

Need another video on literal equations?

Notes Video

Need some more videos on solving proportions?  Check out this learn zillion video or you tube video.

Unit 2 Test Page 1
Unit 2 Test Page 2
Unit 2 Test Page 3

3.1  Solving and Graphing Inequalities
This was an inclass activity on NearPod.  Ask the teacher to print you a copy to practice on your own.

Practice Here for 1-Step (easier).

Practice Here for 2-Step (more involved).

Practice on IXL

USE THIS IXL LINK for Unit 3 Practice on Inequalities.  You'll want to use "Single Variable Inequalities" K.1 - K.15.

Need more help?  Take notes here

A funny rap video to remember what to do with negative coefficienets.  

3.2  Inequality Word Problems
Video Notes
If you'd like to see the first two examples from the video notes written out more, click here.

Image result for math inequality imagesIn class video practice to go on page #5 of your workbook.

Image result for math inequality imagesIn class Khan Academy practice.  Be sure to show your work on page #5 of your workbook.

Related imageAre you ready to try out four harder inequalities?

3.3  Compound Inequalities
Notes Video

File:Khan Academy Logo Old version 2015.jpgClick the link to for Khan Academy four practice problems.

3.4  Interval Notation
Video Notes 

3.5  Compound Inequalities & Interval Notation
Video Notes

3.6  Absolute Value Equations
No video - class notes

3.7  Absolute Value Inequalities

Video Notes

Unit 3 Answer Key for Assessment

Page 1 Questions #1-6

Page 2 Questions #7-12

Page 3 Questions #13-14

Page 4 Questions #15-18

#1 -

4.1  Graphing Real World Situations
Video Notes

Homework Key for 4.1

Why learn about functions? - Alpine Jump - Who Wants to be a Millionare

Notes Video

Homework Key for 4.2

#1 - Functions (mapping, coordinates) -
#2 - Functions (graphing, vertical line test) -

Function Game -

4.3 Function Notation - Day 1
Video Notes
Homework Key for 4.3
4.4 Function Notation- Day 2
Video Notes

4.5 Independent and Dependent Variables
Video Notes

4.6  Graphing Lines
Video Notes

4.7  Domain and Range
Video Notes

4.8  Graphing Real World Functions
Video Notes

4.9  Linear vs. Non-Linear
Read directions on page 13 for your homework, you will do a quick search and complete the table on page 13.

Function Identification & Notation -

Independent and Dependent Linear Functions -

Domain and Range Video -

4.8 Notes for January 9
Unit 4 Assessment

Answer Key for - 
Multiple Choice, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Answer Key for - #15, 22, 23

Function Review Website

5.1 - Graphing Quadratic and Absolute Value Functions
Your homework is to do a quick search to complete the table at the top of 5.1 notes page.

5.2 - Congruent Transformations
Notes Video

5.3 - Similar Transformations
Notes Video

Need some more practice?  Try watching this Function Transformation Video
5.4 - Continuous vs. Discrete
Notes Video

Mid Unit 5 Review - continuous vs discrete video

5.5 Writing Function Rules
No Homework - if you were absent or need more review you can try out these videos of the class work

Click here for the teacher version of the notes on video #1-4 

Click here for the teacher version of the notes on video #5-9

5.6 Practice with Function Rules
Video Notes - Albright

Second Video Notes - Albright

Extension - Page 11-12 Extra Credit on Sequences

Click here for the teacher version of the notes on video
after you complete the exit ticket, play some function math games
#1  Easy creature function game

#2  Medium difficulty creature function game

#3  Medium difficulty creature function game

5.7  Scatter Plots
Video Notes - Carpenter

5.8  Line of Best Fit
Video Notes - Carpenter

When you click the link here, you should then log in with your google account:  Click Here For Your WIZER activity

Unit 5 Review:

Read about some continuous and discrete examples

Look at some real life examples of continuous and discrete you need to start on slide 5 (purple is a line and continuous while blue is dots and discrete).

Want a challenge?  Try Continuous and Discrete Functions

Need some practice on sequences:  Check out these videos.


Function Review Website

Unit 5 Test   Answer Key for #1-15

Unit 5 Test   Answer Key for #16-18

6.1  Slope from a Graph and Slope-Intercept Form

       Student Notes Video

       Read about how to find the slope of a graph.

       Read and practice problems about how to graph with slope-intercept form.   

      Save the ZOGS!  Practice graphing on-line.  You cannot do this on the iPad!

       Kill the Cockroaches!  Practice graphing on-line.  You cannot do this on the iPad!

6.2  Literal Equations

       Student Notes Video
6.3  Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form

       Student Notes Video
Read and practice problems about how to convert from Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form.
    Watch a video about how to convert form Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form.

1)  Not Met:  I don't even know how to graph from y = mx + b - WATCH THIS!! then Time to Practice this - CLICK HERE

2.)  Progressing:  I need help from Ax + By = C - WATCH THIS!!  then GO TO DELAT MATH and PRACTICE THE TWO ASSIGNMENTS

3)  Met - Let's move on - WATCH THIS  then Time to Practice this - CLICK HERE 

4) - Mastery Feeling great?  Keep moving on - CLICK HERE

6.4 Horizontal and Vertical Lines

       Student Notes Video

6.5  Slope Given Two Points

       Student Notes Video

       Another video on finding slope given two points.

6.6 Point Slope Form

     Video Notes

6.7 Point Slope Form

     Video Notes

Mid Unit 6 Review - WizerMe Review

End of Unit 6 Review - WizerMe

7.1  Solving Systems Graphically

Notes Video 7.1

7.1 Systems of Equations example on iPad

7.2  Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing

Notes Video 7.2

7.3 Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination

Video Notes 7.3

Need Extra Practice - Click this 7.3 Systems of Equations by Elimination

MRS. ALBRIGHT IS ABSENT TODAY - Click here for video on 7.4 and also 7.5

Miss. Carpenter 7.5 Elimination Word Problems

7.8 Solving Systems with Word Problems (eliminatoin or substitution)

7.10 - Graphing Inequalities

Notes Video

7.11 - Solving Systems with Inequalites

Notes Video

Unit 8

8.1 Video Notes

8.2 Video Notes

8.3 Video Notes

8.4 Video Notes

8.5 Video Notes

Final Review

Unit 1 Review Google Form

Line of Best Fit -
Line of Best Fit Practice -



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