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Virgil Elementary School provides a very special elementary school experience.  With only one section of each grade level, the school affords children a pervasive sense of community, a strong support system and a great deal of individual attention.  Everyone knows everyone and older students help younger students automatically as any need arises.  We are a responsive school and work each day to teach children to make good choices even when adult eyes are not directly upon them.

Our school staff is commited to working with your child.  They encourage them to do their very best and set and attain high academic goals.  They are available by phone and email as well as personal conferences should you wish.  Letters are sent home every week to keep you updated on class happenings.

The School is the smallest of the Cortland Enlarged City School District's buildings.  With approximately 150 students, it is located about 6 miles south of Cortland via route 215.  This short drive provides some of the most beautiful seasonal vistas you will ever see.                        

Sincerely:     Lisa Kaup, Principal 

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