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Student Newspaper at Randall School Releases First Edition

The first issue of the Randall Informer came out last week. In this student led club advised by Ms. Mitchell and Ms. van der Veur, students are able to work together to create a monthly newspaper for the community members of Randall School. 
Students working on Randall Informer Newspaper
Ms. Mitchell is in her first year advising the club with the help of co-adviser Ms. van der Veur. Ms. Mitchell said, “I really want to encourage students to write about what is meaningful to them. If students have choice in the topics, students are more meaningfully engaged. The Randall Informer is an after school club, so we want the kids to be writing about what they want to write about. We put relatively little restrictions on the topics.”

Sydney Brewer is a 6th grader at Randall School, and one of the senior members of the Randall Informer club. Sydney is one of the editors, and this is her third year in the club. Sydney said, “Since I have been in the club since I was in 4th grade, I felt confident I could do a good job as editor. Each of the members of the group writes their own article either by themselves or with a partner. I then look over the articles with my co-editors Lily, Jessica, and Jazzmyn. We edit and fix the article to make sure there are no mistakes or no misspellings. Then the editors send the article to Ms. Mitchell.” 

Sydney reports that she, “likes writing because you can go into your own little world when you are doing it. I feel like I can escape the day to day when I sit down at a computer or with a notepad. Ms. Mitchell and Ms. van der Veur let us have fun and laugh and play.” 

Ms. van der Veur is also in her first year advising the club. Ms. van der Veur said, “I hope to instill a love for writing that they can carry with them to the Junior High, High School and throughout life. I am proud of the work the club has done so far and am looking forward to working with the club in 2019!” 

The Randall Informer club is also a way for students to practice 21st century skills like communication and collaboration. Using Google Docs, many of our students work together when writing the articles. The first edition of the Randall Informer can be found here

Below is a list of students in the Randall Informer: 
4 co-editors and writers:
Sydney Brewer,  Jazzmyn Cobb,  Jessica O'Mara, and  Lilly Smith.  (alphabetical order)

7 reporters/writers:
Karmyn Cobb,  Milan Kelley,  Matthew O'Mara,  Alivia Parks,  Logan Quarella,  Danaizha Sampson, and  Adrianna Walton.  (alphabetical order)



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