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Welcome to

Mrs. Scalza's Second Grade Class


Thanks for visiting the Virgil Elementary School Second Grade website. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Scalza

1208 Church Street

Cortland, N.Y.13045


Virgil Elementary School
Room 7



April 8, 2009                                     Sample Letter

Dear Parents:
Our school is participating in the National TV Turnoff Week scheduled for April 25th-May 1st. It is a voluntary activity that we hope you will find rewarding and with purpose. The object is to watch less or no TV/video games for one week. Our goals are to spend more time getting physical activity and spend more quality time with family. I sent home a permission slip today for your signatures. I highly encourage everyone to get involved. I am also making the pledge for the week.
Any child that brings back a signed permission slip will receive a glow in the dark bracelet. Any child that completes the program will receive a prize.

Some things to remember:

On Monday, April 11th the children will have an All School Morning Meeting. The second grade will be performing a Martin Luther King Jr. speech.
On Wednesday, April 13th report cards will be coming home with the children. Also, at 7p.m. there will be a P.T.O. meeting in the cafeteria.
On Friday, April 15th your children will be taking a trip to Barry School where they will experience a planetarium. Also in the afternoon our entire school will watch a play called “The Life of Mozart” by the Traveling Lantern Players.

Class Work Highlights:

Writer’s Workshop: The students are publishing their fairy tales. They are also writing book reports about their favorite story in our anthology.
Math: The children are measuring and estimating with cups, pints, quarts, and liters. They made a metric man using equivalent measures.
Science: The children now care for four aquariums filled with guppies and freshwater snails. The children are excited because we had baby guppies this week! The children made stuffed snails. They made paper strip snails. They watched movies about spring and Earth Day. At the end of the week they made fingerprint snails.
Social Studies: The students have been learning about various Native American groups. This week they found out about the Plains Indians. Mrs. Dawn Willis came in and showed various Mohegan artifacts. The children were very interested in her program.
Health: The students became the Litter Bug Patrol. We went outside at recess time ant used plastic gloves to pick up garbage. After that we came inside and cleaned the school. I am so proud of them. They are learning to save our Earth.
Reading: This week the reading lesson was on comparing and contrasting. We also reviewed words with 3 letter blends. Also we reviewed two syllable words. They practiced with contractions.
Spelling: On Wednesday, April 13th the children will have a pretest on the last 50 words. On Friday, April 15th they will have a posttest on these words.
Handwriting: The children practiced writing the letters o, c, and q in cursive.
Morning Work: The children made graphic organizers about cranes. The children practiced their listening skills with an advertisement. I then gave them comprehension questions about the ad. They also reviewed punctuation. We practiced for the Terra Nova math exam. We also wrote in our journals.

Please feel free to contact me at school (758-4130) if you have any questions or comments.


Mrs. Scalza




Virgil Elementary School Second Grade website. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Scalza


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