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Mrs. Albright

7-12 Mathematics Department Leader

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Algebra I A Course
Some helpful links for math activities:


Unit 1

Unit 2

Intro to Unit 2 Videos and Google Doc

2.3 Anatomy of a Paycheck Video

2.3 Guide to Your Paycheck

2.4  Pre-Tax Benefits Video

2.5 Understanding Civilian Retirement Plans

2.5  Youtube Video on 401K

2.5  Youtube Video on 403B 

2.6  Khan Academy Video on Tax Brackets

2.7 - Mrs. Albright's video on Tax Brackets

2.8 Khan Academy Video on Calculating Gross Pay from Tax Brackets

Group Work on October 30

States with Highest & Lowest Taxes

10 Best States for Property Taxes

Group Work on October 31- November 4

Kiplinger Guide to State by State Taxes

2.14 - Google Doc to be completed

Escrow Video

US State Research Tax Info

US Tax Assessment

Unit 4 Credit Project

Building credit and keeping yours healthy.

Use these links as you create your project.

1.  What is a credit score and how is it calculated?

2.  How to imporve your credit score

3.  4 key credit moves for 20 somethings

4.  The difference between hard and soft inquiries

5.  7 reasons to check your credit report

6.  Building credit with a secured credit card

TC3 students must also include 7 & 8

7.  What is the difference between a credit report and credit score?

8.  Your credit report:  What you need to know

Videos to watch when you complete your project.

How to build credit from scratch

What to do if you find a mistake on your credit report?

Unit 5 Credit

5.1 Videos for Class

Topic 1 - Secured Credit Cards                   Video 1     Video 2

Topic 2 - How Do Credit Cards Work          Video 1     Video 2

Topic 3 - Credit vs Debit Cards                   Video 1

5.3 - Article "Find the Best Credit Cards"

5.3 - Link to "Best Credit Card Research"

5.3 - page 14 Recommended Credit Card For You!


Unit 1

1.1 - The Deposit Insurance Fund - How It Works - Video

1.2 - How Banks Process Deposits - Video

1.3 - Wells Fargo Bank Tour - Video

1.3 - Debit Card - Video

1.4 - Making Sense of Overdraft - Video

1.4 - Page 11 Notes Part I - Video

1.4 - Page 12 Notes Part II - Video

1.8 - Keep Your Financial Information Safe - Video

1.8 - How Long to Keep Important Documents - Article

1.8 - Victim of Identity Theft - Video
March 1st - Besides the research you are doing, please tell me the top three ways you would feel comfortable paying/receiving with technology AND give me 1 specific reason from each of those of why you chose it. 

Unit 2

2.3 - Compound Interest Explained - Video

2.5 - Why Interest Rates Go Up and Down - Video 
Unit 5

Loan Calculator

Car Lease Calculator - use the end car value to be 25% of the final negociated price.

Should I buy or lease a car article

History of Interest Rates for College Loans - Article

How to Appeal your Financial Aid FASFA - Article

Unit 3

3.2 - The Millionaire Next Door - Video

3.4 - Warren Buffett - Video
3.4 - Rule of 72 - Video

3.7 Envision Your Retirement

Part II - Quick Calculator

Part III - Retirement Income Calculator

Part IV - Slides

Unit 5

5.1 - The True Cost of Renting a Place - Video

5.1 - Be a Street Smart Renter - Article

Read Pages 71-82 in "life after school. explained."

5.2 - Is Buying a Home Right For You - Video

5.2 - This Way To a Home Of Your Own - Article

5.2 - Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages - Video

5.3 - What happens at Closing - Article

5.3 - What are Closing Costs? - Article

5.4 Read Pages 60-66 in "life after school. explained."

Unit 5 Project Intro Home Much Home Can You Comfortably Afford - Video

House Project Link for Extra Payments toward Principal - Calculator

Survey to Take - Survey



For information regarding Common Core Mathematics please visit

Want to practice with some review or math games?  See below.
Hot Math Slope Game- practice graphing linear equations
-math games

A Plus Math- easier math review games
Equations- review of equations
Sudoku- interactive page
Algebra Balance - interactive algebra






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