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First Day of School 2019-2020

There’s nothing like the first day of school! It’s a day of great hope and excitement… with a touch of nervousness. We want to thank families, faculty, and staff for the awesome first day spirit.

This first day was more significant than usual because of our district’s reconfiguration. All of the preparation that occurred over the last year paid dividends -- schools and classrooms were prepared and teachers and staff were ready to welcome students to their new locations. A new year of learning has begun!

We did have some first day issues which we are working to resolve, especially with the afternoon elementary bus runs. Thanks for your anticipated patience and assistance while we work them out: 
  • The number of families and extended families delivering their kindergartner at Barry Primary overwhelmed the driveway and parking lot. We’re asking family members to say good-bye to their kindergartner at the door tomorrow rather than walking them to their classroom. Also, we encourage our families to start to use the school bus as soon as possible in order to avoid an additional transition for the little ones. 
  • The new traffic pattern at the Junior Senior High School worked but was slow. There was extra volume on the first day which caused some of the slowdown, but the loop that cars have to take is longer than previously so please allow for more time if you must drop your student off at school. We continue to encourage students and families to use the school bus.
  • Afternoon bus runs from the elementary were running behind on this first day. This will get better.
  • As is the case every year, adjustments will be made to specific bus routes in order to ensure the shortest and most efficient routes. If you have any questions about transportation, you can reach the office at 607.758.4123
All in all, we’re off to a great start. Schools have scheduled opportunities in the next couple of weeks for family members to visit, meet the teachers, and hear about the learning that is planned for the year. Here’s the schedule:
  • Barry Primary: Teacher Meet & Greet and Title 1 Information, September 10th
  • Randall Middle: Meet the Staff, Curriculum Night and Title 1 Information, September 11th
  • Smith Intermediate: Meet the Staff and Title 1 Information Night, September 12th
  • Junior High: Open House and Title 1 Information, September 19th
  • High School: High School: Open House/Title 1 Information Night, September 25th
As a district, we have a lot to celebrate. Please enjoy the video below as we try to recapture the excitement and energy of our first day with pictures. 




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