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Student Council Hosts Leadership Breakfast for 7-12 Students on May 31, 2019

Leadership Breakfast

On May 31st, student leaders were honored with a breakfast and speeches by Student Council President Chauncy Crane and President of SUNY Cortland Dr. Eric Bitterbaum.

Chauncy said, “The Leadership breakfast is a way to make people who are leaders feel special, appreciated and noticed. I helped plan this breakfast by asking teachers to select students that exhibited leadership qualities. I then invited Dr. Eric Bitterbaum to come since he is an important leader at SUNY Cortland and in our community. Nick Djafari is the Student Council Vice President and he helped with the planning as well.”

Rick Gamel a staff advisor for student council said, “this breakfast was a way to recognize students that may not necessarily have a perfect average, but exhibit qualities worth recognition. Leadership is a quality that we want to reward and teach to our students.”

After the students enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, parfaits and other delicious bakery items, students filed into the auditorium to be addressed by Dr. Eric Bitterbaum. Dr. Bitterbaum described how he finds and recruits leaders to work at SUNY Cortland by looking for certain character traits such as competence, clarity, enthusiasm and compassion.

Dr. Bitterbaum said, “When I am hiring leaders, I always think of the saying that it is easier to get a race horse to draw back then to get a donkey moving. Once we hire staff we provide mentoring opportunities. It is important when you go to college, or get a job to find a mentor that can help develop your skills and that you can go to advice for. No one starts college or a job knowing everything, that is why mentorship is important.”

The speech was ended with a question and answer session in which students asked Dr. Bitterbaum various questions. The next leadership breakfast will be held in the spring of 2020! Thank you to the CHS Student Council for hosting a great event for our student leaders!



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