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STOP Time at Junior High

In their second year operating as an independent school, the Junior High School has been focusing on trying to have more opportunities for students built in their school day. By operating on their own schedule, that is separate from the High School, the Junior High School decided to implement STOP time.

STOP is an acronym for study, try something new, or play. During this time, the gym is open for them to play basketball and other organized games. The auditorium is also open for quiet “chill” time, and teachers classrooms are open for students to come and get extra help or recieve enrichment.

In Mrs. Francey-Henry’s classroom, she gets most of the students that either really like math, or who need to improve their math. With some inspiration from Pinterest, she decided to try a STEM challenge activity. Mrs. Francey-Henry said, “I really wanted to find a way to reach the kids that are grasping the concepts and want to be challenged. I want to expose kids to different fields of science, technology, engineering and math. That is why I wanted to do this Pringle Challenge.”

The challenge was to take Pringles and form a 3-dimensional circle, without using glue. Ava Froio was the only student to complete the task. Mrs. Francey-Henry reports, “most of the students only made it about two thirds of the way around. Ava really had a knack for coming up with a design that worked.”

Ava Froio said, “stop time is fun and helpful if you need to catch up on things. Normally I go to a teacher’s room and finish work or I do work with friends. I came in Mrs. Francey-Henry’s room at STOP time because my friend told me about the challenge. I think the key was to be patient!”

Mrs. Francey-Henry said, “next week we will build skyscrapers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. I hope to continue the STEM challenge at least biweekly!”

STOP time will continue at the Junior High so make sure to check our website and the @CECSD_JH twitter handle to keep up to date!



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