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Instrument Recruitment Starting for 3rd Graders!

The 3rd grade instrument recruitment process has started in each of the elementary schools! It is an exciting time for our 3rd graders to pick their instrument. Our elementary instrument teachers have been very busy getting started with the 3rd Grade Recruitment!

The Cortland Instrumental Process
First, music teachers have a recruitment assembly at each of the elementary schools. The teachers demonstrate each instrument the students can choose from and let the students ask questions about the instruments and the process. Next, students bring home the instrumental sign up sheet. Then as the teachers are able to schedule our new recruits, they travel to each school for a series of hands on days. The hands on day is when the students get to try out and get to play each instrument of their choice.

Join Orchestra or Band
Your child will be able to join our music ensembles! The music department has amazing participation in all areas: band, orchestra, & chorus all the way to 12th grade!

As music department chair, Mrs. Rafferty says, “At this point we are proud to announce over 80% of students in the elementary school are participating in some form of music ensemble. We hope to grow this number by having more and more students play an instrument or join chorus.” Please sign your child up for an instrument and join our musical family!

What Instrument Should I Play?
Third grade students that wish to play an instrument can choose from the following:

Strings: violin, viola, cello, bass
Band: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone, Tuba, & Mallets.

Instrumental Sign Up Sheet
Access String Sign Up Sheet
Access Band Sign Up Sheet

Beginner Hands On Process
We are working very hard on our instrument hands on process over the next several month! We will be contacting your child’s teacher to schedule the hands on time slot.

When Do Lessons Begin?
Once we have completed all five elementary schools, then our official lessons will begin! Your child will get a paper schedule and also emailed schedule to parents. We will be doing several weeks of introductory lessons that include: instrument care and assembly, proper instrument position, beginner tone, responsibility, team expectations for lessons and rehearsals, and also note reading skills. This is a lengthy process, so please be patient that it may take several months before we are all ready to take home instruments!

Where Do We Get Our Instrument?
We will try to provide instruments to those who are unable to rent or purchase one. It is our goal to ensure that every student that wants to participate in band or orchestra is able to. At this point, we have had several instrument and monetary donations. We are thankful that the Cortland community is so supportive.

How can we contact the teachers?
Please contact Mrs. Capano by email: or call (607) 758-4180 to sign up your child for a string instrument.
Please contact Mrs. Allen by email: or call (607) 758-4180 to sign your child for a band instrument.



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