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Fairness is one of the character traits that is highlighted in the Positivity Project during the month of February (love, and social intelligence too). The Junior High School, the Senior High School, Barry Elementary and Parker Elementary have been implementing the Positivity Project curriculum this year.

At Parker Elementary. fairness goes hand in hand with the school motto, “work hard and be kind.” Fifth grade teacher Stephanie Manning has been teaching about fairness this week. Students watched a video about a school that created a “buddy bench.” The concept of the “buddy bench” was born when a student noticed that not everyone has someone to play with at recess. Students that are alone or have no one to play with can sit on the “buddy bench” and then other students can go play with that student. Students in Mrs. Manning’s class discussed how fairness can be tied in to the concept of everyone having someone to play with at recess.

At the Senior High School, students will be defining and discussing the importance of fairness. Students will watch short videos about fairness each day and will be participating in activities. Principal John Zarcone said, “We want to make sure that students know the difference between Fair and Equal.  We also mention during the week that life is not always fair.” Mr. Zarcone continued to say that, “students are being asked to look back at times that they have seen an unfair situation and reflect on it; how did it make them feel? How did it made other people feel?  We want them to rank Fairness on their personal list of character strengths.”

At Franklyn S. Barry Elementary School, Principal Doug Pasquerella said, “We are looking definition of this character strength as it says I can treat all people the same and give everyone a fair chance. This month at our Wednesday All School Morning Meetings we are tying this character strength to celebrating and honoring Black History Month. We are fortunate to have SUNY Cortland Senior Student Teacher Soi'more Cherry, whom is doing her student teacher experience in Mrs. Passalugo’s Kindergarten classroom. She will share every Wednesday for this month those African Americans that have had a profound impact our country. She will make posters that will share information on an individual and it will prominently hang in our front lobby for students and staff to review. We are extremely grateful to have her working with our students and staff this semester to share this important character strength.”

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