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As we welcome students back from the holiday break, the character trait that many students are studying is perseverance.

Perseverance is one of the character traits that is highlighted in the Positivity Project during the month of January. The Junior Senior High School, Barry Elementary and Parker Elementary have been implementing the Positivity Project curriculum this year.

At Parker Elementary School, students are talking about Perseverance in classrooms, morning program, and weekly P2 Paws. The “I can” statement students are using to reinforce Perseverance is “I can complete what I start despite obstacles. I never give up.” This week Mrs. Ciotoli was the “Positivity Panther.” She shared with students that in college, she was studying meteorology when she decided to become a teacher. She needed to do a lot of work to switch career paths but determined that it was worth the time and energy to overcome the obstacles to achieve her goal. During our P2 Paws this week, Mrs. Snyder discussed the importance of perseverance as she trains for triathlons. Mrs. Snyder discussed with students that she wants to complete an Ironman in July. Throughout the remainder of the school year, Mrs. Snyder is going to keep us updated as she make progress towards her goal!

At the Senior High School, students will be defining and discussing the importance of perseverance in life as well as in school. Students have watched videos that highlight famous failures. They also have watched the story of Nick Vujicic, a person with physical disabilities that has persevered through his entire life. In Tiger Time, students were asked to write a thirty second speech and present it to their class the following day. The speech had to include one of the following sayings from a video:

  • “Failure is a byproduct of pushing the envelope.”

  • “Take risks and fail.”

  • “You can fail 100 times as long as you succeed once.”  

Next week students will all be taking a ten question “Grit” test and sharing their scores with a partner.  Students will then talk about ways to improve “grit” levels in certain areas of their life.  

At Barry Elementary School teachers are discussing videos shared with students such as Kid President Pep Talk, an inspiration animation video on never giving up, and a video on grit that cultivates resilience and perseverance.

Next up: the Positivity Project will continue as students learn about hope and optimism.



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