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Cortland Students Make Turbine with 3D Printer

The Technology Department at Cortland Junior Senior High School (CJSHS) works to provide students with opportunities to acquire the competencies needed in today’s and tomorrow’s world. These competencies include critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, and communication.

On February 28, CJSHS Technology Teacher Chuck Petit and two of his students, Cameron Aldrich and Reilly Brown, showed the Cortland Board of Education (BOE) just how important and beneficial the opportunities found in the CJSHS Technology Department can be. The group presented their recently completed a project to create a turbine using a three dimensional (3D) printer. 3D printers are currently used in many fields, including aerospace, architecture, automotive, engineering, manufacturing, medical, and research and design.

Cameron and Reilly demonstrated their completed 3D project, a twisted savonius pico turbine, to the Cortland BOE. During the presentation, the students also outlined the processes and skills involved in the development of the device. They detailed to the BOE how they were able to use computer-aided design (CAD) software to draw and develop their initial design for the turbine. From there, the students were able to use the CAD software to provide the 3D printer with the appropriate information for the turbine to be printed.

To show how their turbine worked, Cameron and Reilly mimicked wind by blowing air on to the twisted savonius pico turbine. The demonstration showed that when wind moved the turbine, the device was powerful enough to light three small lights.

Congratulations on completing this exciting project, Cameron and Reilly! 

Want to learn more about 3D printing? Click here to see the 3D printer in action. Click here to see the turbine project create enough power to light three small lights.




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