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Upcoming State Assessments at CECSD

Each year, students in grades 3 to 8 are given the New York State assessment for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. The New York State assessment for ELA will begin the week of March 27 and the New York State assessment for Math will be given during the first week of May. While these assessments are routine and are given each year, questions sometimes come up about them. Why do we take these tests? What is their purpose? Are they necessary?
State assessments helps school systems be accountable to the public. The public is invested in schools and we need to measure what students are learning and if they are on track for success. Accountability systems also monitor for equity, ensuring that students living in poverty or students receiving special education services are progressing as well as other students. We are raising the bar and holding our students to the higher standards they will need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.
State assessments are part of a balanced assessment system. Assessments and tests are a routine part of education; different types of assessments provide different types of information. The most useful assessments are those that teachers use to make adjustments to instruction based on day-to-day learning. Other assessments, such as SATs, AP tests, final exams, and state assessments provide information about what students learned over the school year (or longer).
Participation in the state tests is a part of the state’s accountability system.
State assessments are actually a federal requirement, not a state requirement. The replacement for the No Child Left Behind law, the Every Child Succeeds Act, continues the 3-8 annual testing requirement. There are consequences for districts that have less than 95% of their students participating in state assessments.
The Cortland Enlarged City School District is dedicated to helping our students and parents/guardians stay informed about this testing. For more information about upcoming assessments, please contact your school’s main office.



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