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2nd & 3rd Grade RTI Webpage
Weekly Scheduled Activities
MONDAY: Writing Day

Letter Writing:
Students will choose someone in the building to write a letter to. Remember to use all important parts of a friendly letter. They will have to address their letter correctly to make sure it is sent to the correct person. 
Book Share:
Students will read a book and then decide on a writing-way to share it with their group in hopes of getting them to read it.

TUESDAY: Reading Day
Students will listen to a story and then discuss the story elements of the book.

WEDNESDAY: Technology Day in the Art Room
Students will play different academic computer games and listen/read audio books and ebooks.

THURSDAY: Book Re-Telling Day
Students will read a story together in small groups, then retell the story to another group using correct sequence.

FRIDAY: Game Day 

Students will play various academic board games.



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