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A Message from the Superintendent

March 28, 2014
Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community Partners,
        As you are aware, Old Man Winter hit Central New York especially hard this year! Between the frigid temperatures and the series of storms that passed through our area, we were forced to use more than our allotted number of Emergency Closure Days (“snow days”). In order to meet our required number of attendance days, May 23, 2014 will now be a regular day of school.
        When we created our 2013-14 School Calendar we designated the order of the days that we would “take back” if we did not meet the minimum number of attendance days so that people could plan accordingly.
        Let’s hope that next year will be milder, but still have enough snow to enjoy skiing and other winter activities!
Michael J. Hoose, Superintendent

Petitions Available for Cortland Board of Education
     The terms of two members of the Board of Education, out of the seven member Board, are up for election at the Budget Vote and Board Member Election to be held on May 20.  The terms run from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017.  For more information click on the Board of Education link under Quick Links.
Mission Statement

"The Cortland Enlarged City School District
will value all community members as partners in creating a positive learning environment for all students.  This will prepare them to reach their fullest potential in becoming life-long learners, and successful, contributing members of the society in which they live."

Vision Statement

     Success is the product of a mutually supportive partnership between the school, family and community. Students and staff take pride and accept responsibility for the school, creating a safe and supportive environment. It is a culture where all are welcomed and accepted and interactions are positive and productive.

     Our instructional environment is engaging and relevant and reflects the best practices in instructional design and delivery, including 21st century skills. It allows teachers to work collaboratively within professional learning communities, promotes student engagement and participation in the school community and challenges and supports students at the individual level.

     The instructional environment is progressive and authentic through the use of technology and project based learning, promotes independent thinking and ensures teachers and students are continuous, self-directed learners.

     Our instructional environment uses assessment to drive instruction and results in all students graduating.


Cortland Public Education Foundation
The Cortland Public Education Foundation (CPEF) provides program grant funding opportunities to teachers, staff and administrators of the Cortland Enlarged City School District which support innovative classroom and curriculum projects promoting educational excellence in students. CPEF funding comes from private fundraising that does not involve taxpayer dollars in the normal scope of the school operating budget. 

CPEF raises monies throughout the year and its annual summer golf tournament. Donations are also accepted with all contributions being tax deductible.  For further information visit, click on the button below or contact CPEF Board President Andrew Polley by email at

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